FixNet Broadband is an Internet Service Provider registered in July 2014 by the Northern Cyprus Registrar of Companies and authorized by the Northern Cyprus Information Technology and Communications Authority (ICTA). FixNet is an Internet Service Provider that provides high-speed WDSL internet service in Famagusta District of Northern Cyprus and many areas connected to this district, İskele district and Mesarya region. You can reach the detailed coverage of our company here.

Our company is making serious investments for high-speed and uninterrupted Internet access services and provides high quality and stable internet access services for both corporate and individual users with its Smart Coverage technology.

Our company, which connects all service points in the coverage area via Türk Telekom fiber backbone to the world, is able to carry high capacity access services to all regions through the increasing number of Fiber and Radio Link points.

Our company is able to provide professional solutions in the field of MikroTik based network installations, firewall configuration, installation and configuration of central internet systems for mass housing and living areas and MikroTik certification trainings.


Our ISO 10002 and ISO20000 certified company, with the 'The internet company that loves it's customers most' motto, in its coverage area, for service quality and subscriber satisfaction as the 3rd largest company in Famagusta is constantly trying to provide the best quality service to its subscribers by constantly upgrading its infrastructure.