In Order To Serve You Better And To Keep You Informed Of All Developments, We Are Constantly Updating The News Page, Planned New Service Points, Planned Maintenance Works, Capacity Expansion And Fiber Optic Projects, New Types Of Services, Planned / Unplanned Power Outages Affecting Our Distribution Points And All Other Find News On Topics.

We Now Speak Persian

To provide you with better service, in addition to the English language, we are now speaking in Persian. During business hours, our sales office has t...

FixNet Online Center Opening!

FixNet Online Center, you can extend your existing subscription, use advance days or manage your subscriptions! Available in mid-February!

All Our Stations Are Powered by Renewable Energy

Like all sectors in our country, frequent power outages have occasionally affected internet service providers. Starting from August 1, 2023, FixNet is...