Green Zone

What Is Green Zone Project?
Green Zone Technology Has Been Developed For Eliminating The Visual Pollution Created By The Cables Hanging From The Buildings İn Mass Housing Areas, Where The Magnetic Field And Frequency Pollution Created By Multiple Wireless İnternet Receiver Antennas On The Roofs Of The Buildings, And To Provide High Speed İnternet Technology With Low PİNG Periods Equipped With The Latest Technology With A Power Plant System Fiber-Backed, Innovative And Nature-Friendly Technology.

How Does It Work ?

Green Zone Technology İs Provided By Fixnet Broadband's State-Of-The-Art Central Distribution System Switchboard İnstalled İn Your Building, With Super-Fast Internet Access To Your Home From The Nearest Fiber Point Or Directly Via A Physical Fiber. The System İs İnstalled And Made Free Of Charge By Our Company. Through The İnstalled System, You Can Join The System With Your Existing Modem Or Wireless Router İf You Have One And Enjoy High Speed İnternet Access.


What Are The Advantages Of Green Zone Technology?

  • Centralized Systems With Green Zone Technology Provide Higher Internet Service Access To The User.
  • Because It Is Directly Connected To The Fiber Backbone, It Has A Lower Ping Time.
  • Because It Is A Centralized System, Subscription Costs Are Lower.
  • It Is Environmentally Friendly Because It Has Much Less Magnetic Field.


How To Install İt To My House?
Fixnet Broadband Team Installs The İnternet Cable From The Green Zone Central Internet Access System That Reaches Your Home, And Again Our Team Does The Necessary Modem Configuration To Make It Ready To Use After The Activation Of The Selected Internet Package. If You Wish, You Can Use Your İnternet Connection By Plugging The İnternet Cable Directly İnto Your Computer.


All You Need To Do İs To Assure Installation Of Fixnet Green Zone Technology In Your Building And Experience This Dizzying Speed By Choosing The Most Suitable Internet Package For You.